We’re here to make things better for SLPs.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2023: The next step in this initiative is to take action! You can find the evolution of this platform over at FixSLP.com and on @fix.slp on Instagram. See you there!

The SLP Data Initiative aims to capture and share important data regarding the speech language pathologist’s experience in the field, and in doing so, inspire a wave of innovation that can resolve the many barriers that keep SLPs and the field as a whole from achieving their full potential.

Our field is beautiful and broken.

We are listening.

SLPs are experiencing a range of toxic problems that are leading to extreme burnout and ultimately draining our field of the best and brightest minds. We believe it’s time to take stock, get thoughtful and creative, and to take action. Enough is enough! We are here to learn what YOU need right now so we can work together to try to make it happen. Our state and national associations don’t seem to be doing enough for us. We thought it’s time we did something for ourselves, before it’s too late.

We are doing something that’s never been done before: We are tapping into the minds and hearts of SLPs around the world, asking questions to better understand what has gone wrong. We are then sharing this data with anyone who is interested. All data we collect is open source and will be shared on this website upon the completion of each survey.

We plan on using the data to take concrete action steps that shift the trajectory of our field towards a more positive future.

Who are we?

We are a team of SLPs with a range of experience from clinical to academic to business. We are thinkers and dreamers, movers and doers. We want to leave this field better than we found it, and THIS is where we begin. Read about us and say hello! Is there someone missing from this team? Someone whose voice and perspective is needed in order to effectively do this work? Let us know!

What's the plan?

The plan is for us to listen closely to you. We are here to ask a lot of questions, because we need a lot of data. Our surveys are all about you and your experience in the field of SLP. We will use the data to guide us as we take steps to make the field of SLP a better place to be for everyone. 

We will also make the results of our data 100% free and open source to anyone who wants to access it. This makes it possible for multiple stakeholders across the field to hear YOUR voices. There is no catch here. We truly want to help create meaningful change in our field!

 Everything we do, we do with transparency. Contact us any time with questions, ideas, rants, raves, and feedback.

Survey 01: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Profession

The first survey is now closed. Results will be released in late March 2023.

Survey Links and Results

Survey 01: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Profession - NOW CLOSED

Survey 02: TBA

Survey 03: TBA

Survey 04: TBA

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