Now what?

As we release the data from the first survey, the question naturally arises: Now what? What happens next? What are some solutions?

We believe that there is no silver bullet solution; that in fact, the solutions that we need are multi-layered. Complex problems rooted in systemic bureaucracies need voices and leaders from all angles – from the people reading grad school applications to those who are responsible writing and implementing credentialing requirements.

The mission of this open-data initiative is to hold a mirror to the current issues in our profession. We hope to facilitate conversations, to listen, to connect voices and leaders, and to take action when it is clear that action is required. Our very first step in this process has been to stop, ask questions, and really listen to what SLPs have to say. As the data unfolds, we continue to be present and to listen. “Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.” – Jane Goodall

Please join in on the conversation. Share this data with your SLP friends and colleagues. Start the hard conversations. Let’s see where it takes us all together.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2023: The next step in this initiative is to take action! You can find the evolution of this platform over at and on @fix.slp on Instagram. See you there!